Fiery Hope, an evolution of the Amandla Chorus: Our 32nd season singing for justice and peace

A message to our friends and fans during the COVID-19 era:

Our singing work continues despite huge changes to our world. We’ve launched a new project, “Serenade for Health,” which enables us (in tiny, safe groupings) to bring music to people who are isolated, scared, or lonely. 

We sing in person (at a safe distance) or by phone. In the process, we’re learning new songs as people request beloved hymns and other longtime favorites–lullabies, labor songs, poignant ballads, and hilarious ditties! But the most moving experiences are when a maximum of 3-4 of us travel (in separate cars…alas, no carpooling!) to stand outside the homes of people in need. We sing standing 6-8″ apart, safely distant from but also closely holding people who’ve asked us to come (or for whom a “serenade” has been requested by loved ones).

A poignantly beautiful serenade took place the other day for a 68-year-old man with Stage IV pancreatic cancer. He and his wife of 50 years sat on their deck, soaking up our loving sounds. They said they felt deeply comforted by our visit during this time when family members may not travel from across the country to see them. 

This is what we’re doing instead of our Annual Spring Concert. This is what we’re doing instead of Regular Life because, no matter what, the healing music must go on. 

If you’d like to request a Serenade, call Eveline at 413-773-8655 or email

If you’re able to lend support as we continue our work in this wildly unpredictable time, we appreciate any and all donations. Even a very small gift can help. Checks may be made out to “Amandla, Inc.” and sent to  P.O. Box 223, Greenfield, MA  01302

PLEASE NOTE: Eveline MacDougall, founder and director of Fiery Hope / Amandla, is out with her first book, published by Haley’s. You may order Fiery Hope: building community with the Amandla Chorus by visiting

(Thank you for your patience as we update our website.)

We are committed to acting with determination and hope-filled hearts during this era of increasing injustice and environmental crisis. For this reason, we’ve decided to change our name to Fiery Hope.

Founded in 1988, our chorus is based in Greenfield, Massachusetts and made up of singers from all over the Pioneer Valley. The name Amandla, suggested by a South African member, comes from the Zulu word for “power.” We continue to celebrate the power of community.

Every season, we present new works in addition to gems from our vast repertoire and work with guest artists to round out our mission of singing world music while remaining deeply rooted in our community.

We sing for justice, freedom, and peace—songs new and old, some from around the world and others written right here. In performance, we wear sashes made of cloth from many lands to remind each other that we belong to a global family.

Amandla Chorus featured on Greenfield Cable TV December 2014

To learn more about Fiery Hope contact our director,
Eveline MacDougall, at 413-773-8655