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Singer Testimonials:

“The community and music of Amandla rearrange my cells every single week. I always leave rehearsal feeling refreshed and renewed, especially on my hardest days.”
Sara Rachlin

“Being part of Amandla’s bass section is so fun! If you care about social justice and want to sing in community with very cool and caring people, this could be just the thing for you. Take a chance and check it out!”
Allen Ross

“Sometimes I feel powerless in a world that seems broken. When I sing with Amandla, I’m filled with hope—for myself and for the world.”
Robin Wilson

“I’ve sung in many choirs, but none with as much ruach (spirit) as the Amandla Chorus. It’s not just a choir; it’s also a community. You’ll have fun and make friends while making music!” Merideth Lively

“I love the feeling of my own voice surrounded by harmonies. The energy of music can transcend all differences.” Peter Garbus

“Eveline is one of the most gifted, supportive, organized, and charismatic leaders I’ve ever known. I’ve settled on the Amandla Chorus as my musical and spiritual home base largely because of Eveline.” Lilly Lombard

“Singing with Amandla lifts my spirit! It’s a community of caring, creativity, and working for peace and justice.” Joan Featherman

“Singing with Amandla satisfies so many important things for me—political work, being part of an amazing community, and creating beauty in a challenging world.” Joanne Gold

“I’ve sung in choruses before, but this is singing in COMMUNITY. In Amandla, we learn how our voices, musical parts, and hearts fit together.” Mandy Locke

“It’s a wonderful treat to sing important and uplifting music in such a nurturing and warm community. Amandla is more than a chorus. It’s a family.” Dina Friedman

“Singing with the basses in Amandla helps keep me sane amidst this distressed society, and oriented to my true goals and commitments.” Diedrick Snoek

“Learning songs in many languages allows us to increase our understanding of other cultures and the connectedness of all humanity. We share not only music, but also joys and sorrows, struggles and triumphs. We also have fun!” Carol Flandreau

“After a day at work, I get to come to a group where everyone knows my name and cares about my joys and hardships. We join together as one, to sing beautiful music. How could I not be in Amandla?” Susan Levine

“We sing songs with important messages, and it’s a joy to share them with others! I also love the community of Amandla—supportive, non-judgmental, and loving. A rare find in today’s world!” Kathy Litchfield

“Amandla is an amazing community of open-hearted people. I being able to sing in hospitals, prisons, schools, elder communities, concert halls, and many other places, including for people at life’s end. Amandla is the most joyful group I’ve ever sung with.” Michelle Chaikin

“Being in Amandla is a good challenge—we learn new skills and languages. Take a leap! Join us!” Maria Garcia

“Singing with Amandla brings joy and community into my life. It helps keep me sane.” Tom Plaut