Our Director, Eveline MacDougall

Eveline MacDougall
Shelburne Fair - 2012

Steeped in classical music throughout childhood (both parents were professional musicians), Eveline discovered the beauty and power of folk and world music while in her teens.

She founded Amandla in January, 1988, initially as a way to do anti-apartheid activism through song.

Since 1989, Eveline has taught music privately and in schools (piano, voice, violin, and several other instruments), and worked with various choirs for people of all ages. She was the director, in 1999, of a large-scale production of the Misa Andina (Andean Mass), working with Altiplano (a five-person South American ensemble) plus 90 singers from several states.

Eveline toured with political and musical theatre troupes, including Blue Angel Arts and Thin Ice Theatre, small-ensemble companies presenting original works drawing on themes of citizen empowerment and building democratic movements.

A multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Eveline performs with a number of Pioneer Valley bands.

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For more information about joining the Fiery Hope Chorus, or to request Fiery Hope to sing at your event or private gathering, contact Eveline by phone (413-773-8655) or email.